What the hell is What the FoCus…

I have too many jumbled ideas about what this blog will be about. I will confess that I created an outline yes, an outline (complete with side notes I have carefully color coded with highlighters) on how I will structure my blog and what type of post will draw attention to my blog and ultimately, my photography website. So before I’ve published my first blog post I already have an agenda and have created the cycle of censoring my creativity.

I can already feel the self-doubt and pessimistic thoughts on the many ways I will quit and fail creeping into my mind.

So as I paused to re-read the beginning of this post I’ve crumbled up that outline and have decided that this blog will not have an outline, a purpose other than to release those jumbled emotions, thoughts, ideas from my brain onto paper (computer); and in doing so I might just learn a little something about myself…

By not focusing (limiting) on a specific I might help you (reader)…after all we’re all on this journey together.
The author


Author: Lobogirl84

I am mother to a free-spirited, brilliant little boy. A lover of light, beauty and love. I'm an avid reader, a storyteller, a photographer; currently deciding who I want to be when I grow up. I am on an endless journey of self-discovery...

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